End Winter with Hot Deals and Warm Hearts

Beaver Toyota of Santa Fe knows how to put an end to winter.

Hot Deals and Warm Hearts

The deals during the End of Winter Event  are the discounts on every new and used car, truck and SUV in stock to make room for truckloads of more coming our way .

At the same time, Beaver Toyota of Santa Fe is partnering with  Gerards House for the Comfort Food Classic Kick-off.

Comfort Food Classic Kick Off

Comfort Food Classic Kick Off

Both events will be in the parking lots of Santa Fe Place Mall  starting March 11th at 9am.

Get into the spirit of Comfort by voting for the most comfortable seats of these Toyotas:  CamryPriusRav4Tacoma and Tundra.  Enjoy free comfort lunch and snacks all week.

Beaver Toyota of Santa Fe is accepting donations of non-perishable foods for Gerards House to use during support groups and sessions. Bring a bag of non-perishable foods to receive your choice of

While supplies last!   Look for Kids First Banner!

Look for the Kids First Banner!

Look for the Kids First Banner!

Kids can show their support for grieving children by decorating cards.  On Saturday from 11am-4pm, we will have special activities by Gerards House.  Free gifts to all participants.

Starting today, you may register online and in-person to win a Big Screen HDTV or one of two $50 gift cards for Pizza Centro.  Last day to register for Pizza Centro is Saturday, March 11th.  You may register all month for the HDTV!

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The ‘Willie’ Way


Willie Gonzales, early in his career

Fridays at Beaver Toyota in Santa Fe always has a special energy.  Today was much more so because of a birthday for one staff and a new job for another.   Beaver has plenty of cake around to celebrate both milestones.   But someone is missing.  That someone has been with Beaver Toyota (and Sauter before ) for over twenty years.

Willie was so reliable that today when he didn’t show up for work or answer his phone, one of our managers went to check on him.

Willie Gonzales,  Beaver Toyota Santa Fe Parts Advisor, died today.  


Everyone Loves Willie

What comes to mind when a colleague dies?  For me, it was that I didn’t have a recent photo of him without his pony tail. Willie cut his hair right about the same time we were short a camera.    I never found out why.  I  liked the ponytail.  I told him he just needed a pierced ear to go with it.   He smiled.

Willie did whatever he could to help… the dealership, the customer, colleagues.   I can’t help but think ‘the Beaver Way’  was inspired by Willie.

He was always quiet around me.  That’s great except when trying to collect information about every staff person.  Getting Willie’s required a lot of prodding from everyone.   What I did get is posted on his dealer rater page.    I’m sure he never told his customers it was there, because he doesn’t have a review.


“No Photos Please” Willie Gonzales.

I don’t have many photos of Willie.  He hid when I came around with the camera.  He’d hold his hand up in front of his face or suddenly become very busy.

So I was very surprised when he showed up to take the Ice Bucket Challenge.



Willie accepts the Ice Bucket Challenge



There he was,  ready to let us pour a bucket of ice water on him to raise money for ALS.

Encouraged, I thought I might actually get some more information on him, perhaps even an  interview.   Not a chance!

Willie helps the techs

“He was GREAT at his job and often the hero of a technician.”

Most of Willie’s time was behind the scenes helping our technicians.

General Manager Buddy Espinosa says

“He was GREAT at his job and often the hero of a technician.”

When Willie wasn’t helping technicians, he was on the phone with customers..

As word spread that Willie died, an unusual calmness fell on Beaver Staff.  I don’t think he knew how much he was appreciated.

Here’s your chance to spread the word.  Add a favorite Willie story in the comments of this blog.

Customers,  please post something about Willie on his  dealer rater page.  Willie deserves at least one review. Willie’s profile on Dealer Rater is staying.

Willie’s not gone.  His spirit is still here, wowing us all.


Willie Gonzales (Left) with Alfred Hernandez , both of Beaver Toyota Santa Fe Parts


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Lets Go Places Safely

Today Beaver Toyota is sponsoring Travel Safety during its Spring Sale.  Here’s why. Being safe on the road is a partnership of you with your vehicle and all other drivers at the same time.  You can’t control those around you. Reduce the chances of an accident by controlling the things you can. YOURSELF.   Are you rested?  Are you focused?  What distractions are keeping you from watching out for yourself and everyone else around you? Federated Insurance’s Distracted Driving seminar shows how critical even one half second off the road can be. YOUR TOYOTA.   How well do you know it? Are you taking full advantage of everything available to you with your vehicle?  Do you know how to use those features?  Safety Connect.  EntuneBackup Camera.  Feeling overwhelmed. Here’s good news. Every salesperson at Beaver Toyota Scion is required to know these features and more as part of their certification process.  Ask your salesperson (or any at Beaver) for a refresher on your vehicle.   No purchase is necessary. Are you ready for a change? If it’s been a few years since you purchased, ask for a FREE, no obligation appraisal of your vehicle.  While you wait, ask for a test drive in a newer version to compare. Not ready for a change? Then visit the parts department for accessories  and upgrades available on your vehicle. Is Your Toyota ready for the Trip? Beaver Toyota Service technicians must complete a very thorough certification process with periodic updates on all the latest changes and technologies.  You deserve the best and so does your vehicle.  Allow them to check out your vehicle before you make that trip.   Every service appointment comes with a no charge multi-point inspection.  Ask your service advisor to go through it with your and explain anything you don’t understand.   Your Toyota includes many safety features. Do you understand how the star safety system works?   Ask your service advisor or receive online advice from a technician. Are you taking full Beaver Advantage? New Toyotas, Scions and certified used ones come with a no charge warranty that includes many safety related items and even Roadside Assistance . Purchasing from Beaver Toyota Scion comes with many more advantages. Allow us to help you prepare for your next trip.  Let’s go places safely.

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Beaver Advantage: Kelly Clark

General Manager Buddy Espinosa gives credit for Beaver’s success to his team.  Here he talks about his comptroller, Kelly Clark.

About Kelly

Kelly Clark is the Comptroller for Beaver Toyota and has been since April of 2002.

The Holidays

Kelly enjoys the holidays very much. She  is most likely to get her team and herself all dressed up to participate for Beaver Toyota’s  annual Halloween costume contest. Kelly also decorates the Christmas tree every year at Beaver Toyota. She is such a perfectionist that many of the employees take pictures in front of her decorated trees as they truly belong on Christmas Cards. Kelly came from Utah and still travels there for the holidays to spend time with her family.


Kelly is a very adventurous woman who has flown with her husband numerous times while doing aerobatics.

Kelly has also descended into the ocean in a metal cage  for a shark encounter!  She races her high performance Mustang at the drags and puts many drivers to shame.

Another little known fact about Kelly is that she is a marksman and one of her favorite weapons is a fully automatic Thompson machine gun.


Besides all the adventure in Kelly’s life she is also a very proud mother  and wife. Kelly means the word to Beaver Toyota and has always been quite instrumental in our dealerships success.Image

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Accessories for Traveling with Your Pet

Help your pet stay safe just like you and the rest of your family when you travel with a little bit of accessorizing.
• You wouldn’t allow your child to roam around a moving vehicle. For the same reasons, you should have some sort of restraint on your pets.
o Pet barriers are probably the most comfortable for your pet. They allow them to move around a little but still keep them secured in the back of the vehicle. They work best in SUVs with a fairly large cargo area.
o Other options include pet carriers and pet harnesses. http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/lifestyle/2014/04/how-safe-are-car-seat-harnesses-for-your-dog/
• When planning a trip, you pack a bag based on what you’ll need. What items will your pet require on the trip?
o Pet Travel Bag helps you keep everything together and organized.
o Water, food, and bowls. Consider the spill proof, collapsible bowls. They take less room and make less of a mess.
• Your vehicle is just a means of transportation. What will you need when the vehicle stops?
o Never assume your pet will be as welcome as your are. Call before you bring a pet with you to stay overnight. Check online for pet friendly hotels.
o Collars that light-up or are reflective help you keep track of your pet when getting in and out of the car.
o Don’t forget grooming supplies, clean up tools and toys will be helpful.
Special thanks to Espanola Valley Animal Shelter for helping with the traveling with pet’s event during Beaver’s 12th anniversary.
For more tips on pet travel visit
for more about the traveling with pets event

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Beaver Teams with Espanola Valley Animal Shelter for Pet Tips

Espanola Valley Animal Shelter joins Beaver Toyota during its Traveling with Pets event. Pet Adoptions on Thursday and Sunday. Register to win pet accessories and see pet friendly vehicles and pet accessories. Drop off donations to homeless pets.
For more information visit beavertoyotasantafe.com/pets/
suggested items to donate http://evalleyshelter.org/giving/wish-list/
To register to win prizes visit http://www.beavertoyotasantafe.com/free-giveaway-contest/

More pet accessories  information http://www.beavertoyotasantafe.com/pet-travel/

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Pet Adoption Event

Pet Adoption Event

Beaver Toyota is hosting Pet Adoptions as part of its  New Mexico Traveling with Pets Event on the Rodeo Road side of Santa Fe Place Mall. Espanola Valley Animal Shelter (EVAS) is bringing adoptable pets of all ages to the event Thursday, April 10, and Sunday, April 13 from 11 a.m.

Adoption counselors will be on-hand to meet with potential adopters and set them up with the perfect match. If you are looking to add a second or third dog to your household, bring your current dog(s) down to Santa Fe Place Mall for a meet and greet.

TRAVELING WITH PETS EVENT continues through Sunday at 5 p.m. with exhibits of pet friendly vehicles and accessories available to make your next trip with your pet safer and more comfortable. Register to win pet accessories and cash prizes to be given away Sunday, April 13th. Please drop off your donations for homeless pets during the event at Santa Fe Place Mall or at Beaver Toyota on 1500 St Michael’s Drive, Santa Fe. Most requested items include pet food, blankets, towels and pet toys.

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