The Plural of Prius & other news on Hybrids

 Okay, here’s your chance to make a monumental contribution to the English language.  How exactly would you make Prius plural?
Don’t laugh. Our customers ask us that all the time.  Is it Priui? Pruises? Prum? Is Prius both singular and plural?
Prius Plural

Toyota will be collecting suggestions through the rest of the month and announce a winner on February 20th!  Toyota has a cool  youtube video  with more information.  As you know, Prius is the king of hybrids. AND yes, we have a huge selection of  new and used Prius.  (Priuses? Priui? Plural!)   The Prius is just one of the three Hybrids Toyota carries right now. AND we’ve got them all.  Camry Hybrids,  both new  and used.   Highlander Hybrids, both new and used.  Starting in 2012, Toyota plans to introduce a hybrid RAV4.   A concept car was shown at the Los Angeles Car show in November.

Other changes for Toyota Hybrids are plans to build a hybrid without the rare earth materials  its relied on for so long.   AND lots of new technology, of course.

Prius excels in innovation. The 2010 Prius came out with the advanced technology package that includes a way for the  prius to  Parks itself.  We demonstrated it at the 2010 Next Big Idea  event in Los Alamos.

So, back to that Prius issue.  What do you think  Plural Prius should be?

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One comment on “The Plural of Prius & other news on Hybrids
  1. CRAIG says:

    Jay and I have discussed this, and came to the following conclusion: The plural of Prius is Prii (pronounced “pree-eye”).

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