Over 50 ways to Save You Money on Fuel

Are you spending as much as on gas you do on your car, or on your home?  Then, it is time to look for ways to cut those costs. Here is over 50 tips to get you started. 

Change your Driving Style

    1. Keep your driving smooth.  No fast braking.  Anticipate changes in traffic so you can ease off the gas instead hitting the brakes to slow down. 
    2. Use Cruise Control. 
    3. Use “overdrive” whenever possible
    4. If you are going to be idling your vehicle for more than a minute, turn it off.
    5. Drive slower. According to the U.S. EPA, every 5 miles over the 60 mph level is equivalent to paying 20 extra cents per gallon for gas..
    6. Drive less (pre-plan those trips so you can get more done with each outing.)
    7. Your car won’t be as efficient until it is warm. If you going to several places on a trip, go to the furthest away first, to bring up your engine temperature.   
    8. Don’t turn your car on early to warm it up or defrost your windows before you head out the door.  Better to bring a blanket and buy some RainX
    9. Organize a carpool to work and other functions.

Take advantage of Nature

10. If the weather is mild, turn the a/c off. You can crack the windows a little bit without sacrificing the  fuel economy you are saving by not using the a/c. 

11. Park in the shade during the summer and in sun during the winter. 

Keep your Vehicle Well Maintained

12. Check your tires with a Fuel Gauge. Under inflated tires can cost you gas.

13. Throttle Body Flush cleans the entire fuel system including intake valves, piston tops and combustion chambers 

14. Keep your engine clean.   Ask your service advisor about things you can do to keep it clean.

15. Keep a Clean Air Filter.

16. Use synthetic oil, it breaks down more slowly than regular oil and thus promotes efficient operation of the engine for a longer period

17. Toyota EFI Tank Additive  is a solution you add to half a tank of gas every 15,000 miles.  Its best to use it just before a long trip as it has to be used up in a week.

18. BG 44K is a solution you can put in a full tank of gas every 40,000 miles to help clean out your system.

Avoid extras that could cost you fuel

19. Don’t use oversized tires on your vehicle. Larger than normal tires cost more fuel.

20. Do you really need plus or premium gas? Our mechanics tell me that in our altitude, the lowest grade octane does the best. So no, you don’t need Premium or Plus fuel UNLESS you have a high performance engine.

21. Avoid carrying more than you need. Extra weight takes extra fuel.

22. Reduce the Drag.  Avoid anything the makes your vehicle less aerodynamic.  Avoid adding roof racks and spoilers.  Don’t drive with the windows wide open.

Reward Systems

23. Smiths customers earn points when they buy groceries to be used on buying gas at Smiths or Shell stations.    

24. Discover Credit Card offers up to 5% cash back on gas purchases.

25. Chase Freedom Visa  and Mastercard offers up to 5% cash back on gas purchases.

26. Walmart Gift Cards can save you as much as 3 cents per gallon on gas when used at a Walmart Gas Station.  Course right now it only helps if you live in Artesia

27. Casino Hollywood offers points on their card that can be used towards gas.

28. Route 66 casino offers points on their card that can be used towards gas

29. Dancing Eagle Casino  offers points on their card that can be used towards gas

30. MORE – check with department stores, credit unions, and any place that offers a members card for gas rewards systems.

Watch for Deals

31. If you are going to Albuquerque, there are a few stations on the north side just before entering the city that typically have special lower prices on specific days.

32. If you have free texting on your cell phone, let the gas prices come to you. If your phone supports sending a text message to an e-mail address, you can get prices on the go from gas@gasbuddy.com, sms@mobgas.com or gas@fuelgo.com

33. Watch for lowest priced stations but DON’T burn extra fuel getting to them.  Here’s a few links

More Fuel Efficient Vehicles   

 If your current vehicle is drinking way too much fuel, maybe its time to change.  .

34.  Manual Transmission is more fuel efficient than Automatic.  Learn to Drive a stick!

35.  Consider a Hybrid

36. Compare fuel economy of different models.  Smaller Vehicles like  coupes tend to have better gas mileage.  Some links on that subject..



Alternative Transportation

37. Park and Ride has low cost bus service from Los Alamos, Pojoaque, Las Vegas, NM  to Santa Fe.

38. RailRunner has transportation to and from Albuquerque to Santa Fe.

39. Santa Fe Trails has bus service

40. Take advantage of Free transportation to facilities you use. Beaver will deliver a vehicle you buy free to anywhere in New Mexico.  Beaver also offers free pick up and drop off service in the Santa Fe area for customers having their vehicle serviced.

OUT OF THE BOX THINKING…Alternative Transportation        

41. Walk

42. Run

43. Crawl

44. Bicycle

45. Tricycle

46. Skateboard

47. Horse ride

48. Telepathy

49. Time worm

50. Black hole

51. Downhill in neutral (not recommended by service)

52. Hitch hike

53. Transporter (for Trekkies)

That’s 53.  Lets hear some more tips from you.  Lets get to 100!

AND Here’s some cool links to help you save even more…

Chevron does a gas savings Calculator

This link is an app for your phone to show you how to save fuel with a glass of water.

Tips from FuelEconomy.Gov

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3 comments on “Over 50 ways to Save You Money on Fuel
  1. bryanstaub says:

    Changing air filters is often forgotten in becoming more efficient. Thanks for the post. Bryan Staub Filters On Demand

  2. Great Blog… Lot’s of information to save money… MOST WONT HELP ME! I DRIVE TOO FAST and JERKY LOL! RICh :0)

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