The Happy Car

2007 FJ Cruiser

the Happy Car

Yellow has to be the happiest color. So it’s no surprise to me that the only Toyota vehicle available in yellow is the FJ Cruiser.  I’ve  driven lots of SUVs.   But the FJ Cruiser, either new or used, is truly unique.  When I drive the FJ, I feel like I did in my twenties (considerably younger than I am)… You remember that optimistic view of the world and my potential to accomplish anything. 

It’s the perfect car for New Mexico.   It has plenty of clearance for those off road expeditions or dealing with hazardous road conditions.   Big side windows allow you to see the beauty of state.  The front windshield is so huge, it can accommodate 3 wipers.

The FJ is not just for seeing and experiencing the outdoors. It also has some great indoor charms. Its closest competitor in my opinion is the Jeep Wrangler. But it’s not a happy car.  AND it’s LOUD.  The FJ is much quieter,   except when you want it to be loud.  The one I drove had a subwoofer.  That’s the speaker that makes the boom… boom…boom and definitely adds to the music.  By the way, I wouldn’t even think of listening to anything other than classic rock in an FJ.  To me, it is just that kind of car. Not to worry if you don’t like the stations. Just plug your mp3 or iPod into the auxiliary plug.

The FJ has 4 doors. But 2 of them are more like half doors. You must open the front door to open the back.  Talk about controlling those young kids! And it is perfect for those that prefer a captive audience.

The FJ is kind of a contradiction… a really big vehicle that is short.  But that small back seat is fine for occasional passengers or elementary aged kids. 


The FJ is. for someone. that enjoys life and wants to see the world. 

I like the Four Wheel Drive  FJ Cruiser. To me, what’s the point of all that clearance if you don’t have the Four Wheel Drive Flexibility.  Its nice to have, especially if you get stuck during heavy snow in I-25 in Las Vegas, New Mexico. But you can get it without and save a little money. 

If you get one,  absolutely get power side mirrors.  I didn’t miss that big compass in the front.  I think it’s roomier without it. But I guess that’s a personal preference. AND don’t shy away from yellow. The FJ is a happy car. Let it be happy.


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