Beaver Toyota is Bringing Back the Green

Notice anything different at Beaver Toyota these days? Green Ribbons tied Beaver Toyota Green Ribbonaround every new and pre-owned vehicle in stock. Employees wearing Green Ribbons on their shirts. Feeling left out?  Don’t be. Because we’ve got one for you too.

Do you remember wearing green during and after the Cerro Grande Fire?

“And then, there were the countless numbers of volunteers. There were those who stayed behind and kept a radio station the air; fed the firefighters, National Guard, and the police from a small kitchen; maintained the evacuation shelters; attempted to register the evacuees; provided shelter in their homes for the evacuees and their assortment of pets; evacuated pets that had been left behind; cared for pets in temporary shelters; etc. The local radio station, KRSN, started the “Green Ribbon Campaign” to thank those who were working so hard to save/protect the homes and businesses as wcll as the Laboratory. Green ribbon appeared on people, their belongings, and vehicles.”*

That green ribbon represented so much. Our Appreciation for the fire fighters and volunteers during the fire. Our hope for re-growth in the areas lost or damaged during the fire. The unity, we as a community feel during our times of crisis.

We are still so thankful for our fire fighters and volunteers during everyone of our New Mexico Fires. AND we still hope for re-growth of our mountains.

Stop by Beaver Toyota in Santa Fe and pick up a green ribbon to wear or put on your car!  And while you are there, drop off a donation for our evacuees and fire fighters.  For more ways you can help, please click on our Beaver Cares Page.

*Source: Cerro Grande Fire – From Wildfire Modeling through the Fire Aftermath

Memories of Cerro Grande

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