Late Night Buying Excursion Becomes Beaver Balloon Fiesta

It was 10 o’clock on a Friday at Beaver. That’s 10pm NOT 10am.  Yes, we are open till 8pm.  But it’s not uncommon to see the dealership brimming with life much later.  Not everyone has the luxury of taking off work to shop for the perfect vehicle.  The actual buying isn’t what takes so much time.  It’s the shopping.  And rightfully so.  For most, the car is the 2nd largest purchase (after a house) they will make.

There’s a process every customer must go through in the shopping and buying process. Select the vehicle you want. New or Used? What accessories do you want with the vehicle? Are you buying or leasing? Do you have a trade-in?  Are you financing or paying cash?  Complete the paperwork.  Meet with a financial advisor to decide on warranties and sign all the legal paperwork.  Then you take delivery of your vehicle. But it isn’t just taking the keys. During delivery, your salesperson reviews the vehicle with you.  Later, you might call him with more questions.

Throughout this process, your salesperson is in charge. He (or she) is your guide, your advocate, your resource and your primary contact at Beaver Toyota.    While you are in finance, he takes the vehicle you are purchasing back to get washed and detailed. He looks for extra keys (if any) for a used vehicle or the packet for a new vehicle.  During this process, he treats your car as if it were his own.  He’s responsible for it and making sure everything is as it should be when you take delivery.  Don’t be surprised when he asks to take a  photo of you with your new vehicle.  Later, when you come for service, you might stop by to say hello and ask questions or even refer friends and family members.  It’s not unusual for one salesperson to handle 3 generations of the same family.

Your salesperson is the last to leave on those late nights at the dealership. If you have a trade-in, he marks it and takes it back to be checked into our inventory, cleaned up, reviewed and if necessary, repaired by service and priced for sale. He writes notes in your file for others to review and make sure you are taken care of by our other departments.

So, back to Friday night at Beaver Toyota.  The salesperson featured tonight is Aspen Leaf.  Every salesperson has their own way of helping their customers through this process.  Aspen tells the customer that she must allow him to get her refreshments, ‘its company policy’.  Not really, but she laughs and agrees.  Later her husband arrives with the rest of their children.  And they invite their friends who bring their own children. Five or six children were in the children’s area playing.  One of them was also named ‘Aspen’ so it was funny to see our Aspen respond when a parent was speaking to the child.

While his customer was meeting with the business manager, Aspen gets ready for delivery.  Usually he likes to decorate the car. But it’s so late and the children are tired.  He decides, instead to do something for the kids.  That is when late Friday at Beaver turned into a Beaver Balloon Fiesta.

Aspen Leaf of Beaver Toyota surprises children of Beaver Customers with balloon bouquets        Salesperson Aspen Leaf,  Beaver Toyota distributing helium balloons.                       

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