Ride&Drive FAQs


Looking for something educational and practical to do this weekend?  Then visit Beaver’s Ride & Drive event going on now at Santa Fe Place Mall. 


What is a Ride and Drive.

      The Ride and Drive event provides visitors a way to drive a variety of vehicles without having to visit multiple dealerships.  All vehicles are available to you in the same location.   Beaver offers free food, music, and prizes during the event.  And don’t forget to take advantage of the free Roasted Corn and photos with Bucky Beaver!


When is it?

      The event is now thru Sunday, March 16th at 5pm.


Where is the Ride and Drive?

 Look for the Ride and Drive Sign in the Parking Lots of Santa Fe Place Mall.  . 


Why do it?


 Online research only takes you so far. “You need to physically experience the vehicles.”     



Many come in looking at one vehicle and end up buying a different one. 

Larry’s customer started looking at a 4Runner.  Instead, she bought a small Scion.


Do you have to buy a vehicle to participate?

            The object of the ride and drive is to experience the vehicle. Not everyone that does the event actually buys a vehicle that day. Some people prefer to do their research before they come.  Others like to drive the vehicles first, and then go back to research a bit more.


How long does it take?

      You can spend as little as 15 minutes or as much as all day.  How long it takes depends on you.  How many vehicles do you want to drive?  And how much time do you want to spend with each one?


How many vehicles should you drive?

      It is not unusual for a customer to spend a couple of days driving cars.  But most are able to narrow down their choice after driving 2 to 3 vehicles


This customer knew when she first drove her Camry that it was the car for her.  She did the same thing with her previous car.   



What should I bring?

 Bring your driver’s license and proof of insurance. 


Do I need to make an appointment?

 No appointment is needed, but you can make one through any Beaver Toyota Santa Fe salesperson


Where is the Ride and Drive?

 Look for the Ride and Drive Sign in the Parking Lots of Santa Fe Place Mall.  .  


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