Accessories for Traveling with Your Pet

Help your pet stay safe just like you and the rest of your family when you travel with a little bit of accessorizing.
• You wouldn’t allow your child to roam around a moving vehicle. For the same reasons, you should have some sort of restraint on your pets.
o Pet barriers are probably the most comfortable for your pet. They allow them to move around a little but still keep them secured in the back of the vehicle. They work best in SUVs with a fairly large cargo area.
o Other options include pet carriers and pet harnesses.
• When planning a trip, you pack a bag based on what you’ll need. What items will your pet require on the trip?
o Pet Travel Bag helps you keep everything together and organized.
o Water, food, and bowls. Consider the spill proof, collapsible bowls. They take less room and make less of a mess.
• Your vehicle is just a means of transportation. What will you need when the vehicle stops?
o Never assume your pet will be as welcome as your are. Call before you bring a pet with you to stay overnight. Check online for pet friendly hotels.
o Collars that light-up or are reflective help you keep track of your pet when getting in and out of the car.
o Don’t forget grooming supplies, clean up tools and toys will be helpful.
Special thanks to Espanola Valley Animal Shelter for helping with the traveling with pet’s event during Beaver’s 12th anniversary.
For more tips on pet travel visit
for more about the traveling with pets event

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