Beaver Advantage: Kelly Clark

General Manager Buddy Espinosa gives credit for Beaver’s success to his team.  Here he talks about his comptroller, Kelly Clark.

About Kelly

Kelly Clark is the Comptroller for Beaver Toyota and has been since April of 2002.

The Holidays

Kelly enjoys the holidays very much. She  is most likely to get her team and herself all dressed up to participate for Beaver Toyota’s  annual Halloween costume contest. Kelly also decorates the Christmas tree every year at Beaver Toyota. She is such a perfectionist that many of the employees take pictures in front of her decorated trees as they truly belong on Christmas Cards. Kelly came from Utah and still travels there for the holidays to spend time with her family.


Kelly is a very adventurous woman who has flown with her husband numerous times while doing aerobatics.

Kelly has also descended into the ocean in a metal cage  for a shark encounter!  She races her high performance Mustang at the drags and puts many drivers to shame.

Another little known fact about Kelly is that she is a marksman and one of her favorite weapons is a fully automatic Thompson machine gun.


Besides all the adventure in Kelly’s life she is also a very proud mother  and wife. Kelly means the word to Beaver Toyota and has always been quite instrumental in our dealerships success.Image

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