Lets Go Places Safely

Today Beaver Toyota is sponsoring Travel Safety during its Spring Sale.  Here’s why. Being safe on the road is a partnership of you with your vehicle and all other drivers at the same time.  You can’t control those around you. Reduce the chances of an accident by controlling the things you can. YOURSELF.   Are you rested?  Are you focused?  What distractions are keeping you from watching out for yourself and everyone else around you? Federated Insurance’s Distracted Driving seminar shows how critical even one half second off the road can be. YOUR TOYOTA.   How well do you know it? Are you taking full advantage of everything available to you with your vehicle?  Do you know how to use those features?  Safety Connect.  EntuneBackup Camera.  Feeling overwhelmed. Here’s good news. Every salesperson at Beaver Toyota Scion is required to know these features and more as part of their certification process.  Ask your salesperson (or any at Beaver) for a refresher on your vehicle.   No purchase is necessary. Are you ready for a change? If it’s been a few years since you purchased, ask for a FREE, no obligation appraisal of your vehicle.  While you wait, ask for a test drive in a newer version to compare. Not ready for a change? Then visit the parts department for accessories  and upgrades available on your vehicle. Is Your Toyota ready for the Trip? Beaver Toyota Service technicians must complete a very thorough certification process with periodic updates on all the latest changes and technologies.  You deserve the best and so does your vehicle.  Allow them to check out your vehicle before you make that trip.   Every service appointment comes with a no charge multi-point inspection.  Ask your service advisor to go through it with your and explain anything you don’t understand.   Your Toyota includes many safety features. Do you understand how the star safety system works?   Ask your service advisor or receive online advice from a technician. Are you taking full Beaver Advantage? New Toyotas, Scions and certified used ones come with a no charge warranty that includes many safety related items and even Roadside Assistance . Purchasing from Beaver Toyota Scion comes with many more advantages. Allow us to help you prepare for your next trip.  Let’s go places safely.

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